Attract new patients who are searching for high value treatments and increase your practice profits within days

A Scalable solution to expand and grow your practice with new segments using AI is a brand-new app that appears on your existing website and allows new patients to:


Take photos of their teeth and smile


Upload medical records


Covid check-in from home, and


Send all their details to your practice, automatically delivering to you high quality, pre-screened patients.


How it Works?

Expand your reach, treat more patients and optimize your practice efficiency, all in one place with our user friendly app and web based platform. Give your patients the convenience of virtual consults and monitoring.


Experience Smilo for yourself.

You can look forward to


Total convenience

Patients can send in photos and other information via a simple widget that's installed on your website, 24/7, without needing to book a visit.


Save time

With all the information about a patient available before a visit, triage and appointment times are reduced.


Virtual appointments

The app can allow dentists to discuss needs with patients virtually over a chat, reducing appointment and travel times.


Attract high value patients

With tools including "My Perfect Smile" that will allow patients to see what a new smile will look like, dentists can receive leads from the app.


Less admin and paperwork

Now patients can communicate through the app to send documents, photos and book an appointment, reducing paperwork and admin costs.


Keep track of patients has a built-in CRM that allows you to manage leads, monitor current patients and follow up with past patients easily, all from a simple dashboard.

Quick access to all your Patient information

Simplified digital workflows to grow your practice made fast, easy and efficient.

Practice Specific Personalised QR code Solution

Instant contactless check-ins and medical forms

widget Web

Make it easy for your new patient leads to engage with you virtually


Boost lead conversion using our web widget

Pre-qualify and Pre-triage your patients with unlimited scans and see more NEW patients

Start your journey with today


ZERO onboarding costs


No lock in contracts


30 days free trial


No hidden surprises


Fully customised


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Over 2 million Australians missed their appointments last year.


Kids world wide suffer dental caries


Avoid dental treatments due to dental anxiety


Choose sub optimal treatment options due to cost


of the worlds adult population suffers from some form of gum disease

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