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The Smilo.ai Solution

A 360° end-to-end virtual care platform connecting patients to dentists, with real time insights instantly and remotely.

Lets Make Dental Care Easy, Quick and Painfree

An innovative platform to remotely and securely manage patient experience

Instant Dental Checkups

Free Smile Makeover Consults

Contactless Check-ins

2-Way Communication Using Chat

Reminders and Notifications

Medical History Forms

Design your irresistable smile as and when you want!

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Our Story

Our founder Dr Padma Gadiyar is a dentist, author, a key opinion leader in the dental industry and a dental practice owner. She saw a need and demand for patient led data driven virtual platform that increases access to timely dental care and was cost effective. She truly believes that a healthy life starts with a healthy mouth and a healthy smile is a start to a healthy mind.

With a team of innovators and product specialists she is on a journey to bring remote dental consults and digital workflow solutions at your fingertip with a click.

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